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The #BuyBackTheBlock initiative aims to revitalize blighted neighborhoods in Memphis by reclaiming homes where people have succumbed to addiction and suffering. Flanders Fields and We Fight Monsters are providing safe havens for veterans, trafficking victims, and their children in these homes. With your support, we can offer hope and a future to those who have lost both. This house is the first step in a journey of service to others in our community. We hope you'll join us.

The house on Melrose is a dark place with a darker past. This house has seen rape and murder. It's been a haven to addicts and fugitives. It's been called the door to hell, and lived up to the name.

But today is a new day, and this house is ready for a new life. We are tearing it back to the studs to drive out decades of viciousness and depravity. Gone are its days as a warren of addiction and hopelessness, because now it only serves as safe harbor for the victims of sex trafficking and substance abuse. Demolition is already underway, and we have commitments from A-Team Roofing to supply a new roof and a generous individual in Oklahoma coming in to supply new HVAC.

Obviously there is far more to it than that, but their generosity and yours can make this happen. These funds will secure new floors, windows, plumbing, paint, new wiring throughout (a lot of these houses still have knob and tube), landscaping, appliances and cabinets, plus whatever else we need to make this house a haven and a home.

The Melrose house holds special meaning for us here at We Fight Monsters - this house claimed a lot of lives over the years, and nearly took our founder. Of the life-long addicts that lived hell on earth in this place, the ones left standing have all come together in sobriety to see its transformation made real. Folks that spent 30 years addicted on the streets have chosen to live a different path and are side by side with us making it happen.

With your donation, we are one step closer to finishing this house and moving on to the next. As we place and support folks in these houses, they bring their message of hope with them back into the darkness to shine a light for others. The more houses we can reclaim, the more lives are saved and the more we can claw back from that darkness. Join us!

Thank you for your support and contributions!


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We Fight Monsters

We Fight Monsters is a sister 501(c)(3) Non Profit to Flanders Fields, to carry their mission to those encountered on the streets, on the dope track, in the prisons and in the hell of addiction or sex trafficking who aren't veterans. Nobody on the Flanders team will step over the dead bodies of civilians to save a vet, but within the confines of the charter, funding can only be allocated to veterans. The need to stand up a second org focused on non-veteran funding for rescues and recoveries was immediately apparent, and to date, the Flanders team has been funding these efforts out of their own pockets, but no more!

We are here to restore life to those who were once dead to their addictions and the streets, for we were once the dead ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to Supporting Change

Find answers to common queries about how your involvement can make a significant difference. Whether you're considering a donation, purchasing merchandise, or simply seeking to understand our missions, this section is designed to provide clarity and inspire action.

How does donating to WFM operations impact individuals and communities?

Donations directly support our initiatives, aiding in recovery, providing safe housing, educational programs, and community revitalization. Each operation targets specific needs, ensuring impactful support where it's most needed

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, as a registered 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to WFM are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

How can I stay updated on the progress of operations I support?

We encourage our donors to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, and visit our website regularly for updates, stories, and outcomes from our various operations.

How can I support Operation BuyBackTheBlock and what impact does my support have?

You can support Operation BuyBackTheBlock by donating directly to the initiative, which helps transform neglected neighborhoods into vibrant communities and provides safe homes for veterans and trafficking survivors. Additionally, purchasing merchandise related to BuyBackTheBlock contributes to funding these crucial projects. Your support aids in the physical and social reconstruction of communities, ensuring a future filled with opportunity and safety for its residents.

What is Operation Make The Hood Great Again and how can I contribute?

Operation Make The Hood Great Again focuses on bringing holiday cheer and support to underprivileged neighborhoods. You can contribute by donating to fund holiday events, health support, and gift distribution. Buying themed merchandise also supports this cause. Your contributions spread joy and unity, directly impacting communities with much-needed festive spirit and resources.

How does supporting Operation Polaris & Southern Star help and what are my options for involvement?

Your support for Operation Polaris & Southern Star aids children shadowed by adversity and women ensnared by trafficking. Donations fund mentorship programs and provide essential aid, while purchasing related merchandise raises awareness and funds. By contributing, you empower individuals with the resources they need to overcome challenges and build safer, hopeful futures.

What can I do to assist Operation Sparrow and what does the operation aim to achieve?

Operation Sparrow aims to offer shelters and recovery programs for trafficking survivors. You can assist by making donations that help build and maintain these sanctuaries of healing. Additionally, supporting the operation through the purchase of Sparrow-themed merchandise aids in funding and raising awareness for these critical efforts. Your support fosters environments where survivors can heal and regain their strength.

How can I get involved with Operation Margaritaville, and what is the operation’s goal?

Operation Margaritaville seeks to provide care and facilities for disabled survivors. You can get involved by donating to the operation, which helps fund care facilities and support services. Purchasing Margaritaville-related merchandise also contributes to this cause. Your involvement ensures disabled survivors receive the necessary aid for a dignified and independent life.

What is the purpose of Operation Initium, and how can I support it?

Operation Initium helps individuals in inner cities start anew with educational and job training programs. Support this transformational initiative by donating to fund these life-changing programs or by buying Initium-themed merchandise. Your support reduces recidivism, inspires change, and assists individuals in paving a new path toward a hopeful future.

How does Operation Procyon assist families, and what are the ways to support this operation?

Operation Procyon provides support to families in need, guiding them towards stability and unity. You can support this mission by donating, which aids in the creation of stable environments for these families, or by purchasing Procyon-themed merchandise, which helps fund and promote the operation. Your contributions light up the lives of families, offering them a guiding star towards a brighter future.