About We Fight Monsters: Our Mission, Our People, Our Impact

Where Courage Meets Compassion: Journey with Us from Darkness to Light.

Beacons of Hope: Standing United Against the Shadows

In the heart of every shadow that plagues our communities, from the silent cries of the trafficked to the silent battles of addiction, We Fight Monsters stands as a beacon of hope and defiance. Born from the shared experiences of those who've faced the abyss and emerged to tell the tale, our organization is a testament to the power of resilience and the strength of unity. We are the ones who navigate the night to bring back the lost, who stand in the face of evil not with weapons, but with the unwavering belief in redemption and recovery.

Lighting the Way: The People Behind the Mission

Meet the courageous hearts and steadfast spirits driving We Fight Monsters. From the ashes of their battles, they've risen to challenge the darkness, armed with empathy, experience, and unwavering determination. Each statistic we share is a story of resilience, each team member a beacon guiding us closer to a world healed from the scars of trafficking and addiction. Together, we're not just fighting monsters; we're reclaiming futures.

From Despair to Hope: The Transformative Journey of We Fight Monsters

At the core of We Fight Monsters is a story of transformation—a narrative spun from despair into hope. Our founders, individuals who've known firsthand the depths of darkness, envisioned a force for good that could challenge the scourges of human and narcotics trafficking head-on. This vision quickly grew into a collective mission, attracting a diverse team of former special operators, law enforcement officers, recovery champions, and volunteers, each bringing their unique strengths and shared commitment to the fight.

In this crusade, we've seen the power of connection and the undeniable impact of offering a hand back into the light. From the streets of America's cities to the hidden corners where despair resides, our team ventures forth, not just as rescuers, but as messengers of hope. Here, you'll discover the stories of those who've turned their most profound struggles into their most potent sources of strength—our team. With every operation, every life touched, they redefine what it means to fight monsters and emerge victorious.

As we peel back the layers of our journey, we invite you to meet the architects of change in our midst—the strategists, the empathetic warriors, and the tireless advocates who've made We Fight Monsters a harbinger of hope. Their stories are not just of battles won but of lives transformed, communities uplifted, and the relentless pursuit of a world free from the shadows of exploitation and addiction.

Empowering Change: Our Impact by the Numbers

Every number tells a story of resilience, transformation, and hope. Here's the difference we've made together

250 People Recovered

Lives Reclaimed: Individuals Rescued from Despair

75 People in Housing

Safe Havens: Residents Now in Secure Housing

4 Homeless Families Homed

Families Restored: Homeless Households Given Shelte

4 Babies Born

New Beginnings: Infants Born into Hope and Safety

Ben & Jessica Owen

Ben and Jessica Owen, founders of Flanders Fields and We Fight Monsters, are dedicated to combating opiate and fentanyl addiction and sex-trafficking in the mid-south. Both recovering addicts with a tumultuous past including drug arrests and homelessness, they've transformed their struggles into a force for good. Leveraging experiences from running safehouses during the Afghanistan evacuation, they now establish sober-living homes in the U.S., converting dope houses into recovery spaces. Working alongside agencies and street gangs, they embody hope and recovery, turning their once perilous paths into lifelines for others.

General Hicks

Brigadier General David W. Hicks, Director of Strategy, Concepts, and Assessments at the U.S. Air Force HQ, orchestrates the synchronization of Air Force Strategy. A U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, he has over 3,800 flight hours, including 500 in combat. His leadership spans from piloting A-10s to commanding roles in Afghanistan, shaping airpower strategy and innovation. Decorated with numerous awards, his career embodies commitment to defense excellence and strategic foresight.

Lt. Col. Scott Mann

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Scott Mann, a former Green Beret, applies his Special Forces expertise in rapport-building through Rooftop Leadership, helping leaders enhance connections in trust-scarce environments. With tours in Colombia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Scott translates combat zone strategies to corporate leadership, focusing on trust and relationship-building. He's a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and actor, notably for his play "Last Out" about the Afghan War's impact. Scott also founded Task Force Pineapple and The Heroes Journey, advocating for Afghan allies and supporting warriors and their families. His greatest pride is his family, including three sons and his wife, Monty, of 26 years.

MSgt Travis Peterson

Travis Peterson, Director of Moral Compass Federation and retired Master Sergeant, has a distinguished history with the US Air Force, serving 21 years in roles from Nuclear Weapons Specialist to Combat Aviation Advisor with the 6th Special Operations Squadron. Known for his dedication, Peterson has been pivotal in rescue operations, notably chartering a flight to evacuate allies from Afghanistan before its fall. With a focus on foreign internal defense, he's facilitated critical aviation tactics and interoperability across SOUTHCOM, EUCOM, and the Middle East. His bravery and leadership were instrumental in the development of Afghanistan's elite Special Mission Wing. Post-retirement, Peterson continues to advocate for Afghan allies, leading efforts to provide safety and support amidst crises.

Dan Robitaille

After serving in the US Army and law enforcement, including pivotal roles during 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, has dedicated his retirement to philanthropy in Atlanta. He mentors homeless youth through Youthbuild USA, supports neighborhood revitalization with the Whitefoord Community Project, and contributes to social justice via the Georgia Justice Project. As a board member for New Hope Enterprises and an advisor for SafeHouse Outreach, Dan focuses on job training and shelter for the homeless. He's deeply involved with The Ziest Foundation, founded by his father-in-law, enhancing children's healthcare and education.

GySgt Joel Velazquez

dedicated father and U.S. Marine, serves as the Vice President of Technology at Heart of an Ace. With a Purple Heart and 12 years of military intelligence experience, he leverages his skills to support humanitarian efforts in the Middle East and Europe. Inspired by his father's legacy in public service, Joel applies his expertise to empower vulnerable communities through digital solutions that enhance the organization’s operations in challenging regions like Afghanistan and Ukraine. Residing in Texas with his four children, Joel values education, enjoys working on cars, and cherishes family time. He holds a Bachelor's in Homeland Security and is pursuing a Master’s in Technology Intelligence from the National Intelligence University.

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